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No-Spill Floating Pet Water Bowl

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No-Spill Floating Pet Water Bowl

No more spills, no more wet snouts!

No-Spill Floating Pet Bowl patented design prevents your dog's ears and snout from being wet, preventing the yellowing of your pet's mouth fur and also prevents skin diseases from skin being constantly wet.

Equipped with a double-layered and reinforced border, the no spill dog bowl fully prevents water from spilling out at home or in the car. Not only that, but No-Spill Floating Pet Bowl also has the ability to keep dust and dirt away from the clean water.

Car Splash-Free Design

Why You Need No-Spill Floating Pet Bowl

✔ SAFE MATERIALS - Made with BPA-free PP, the dog water dish is absolutely safe for your pet to drink from on a daily basis. 

✔ DURABLE DESIGN - With its high-quality design, the dog water dispenser is highly durable and won't break down even after years of use

✔ STOP SPILLS - Designed to eliminate spills and pet slobber as well as stimulating slow water intake.

✔ GREAT FOR LONG-EARED DOGS -Keeps long ears and fur out of the drinking water, preventing them from getting wet.

✔ EASY TO CLEAN -This bowl can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

✔ TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - This spill proof dog bowl is suitable for different types of environments like your home, office, car, RV, and more.

✔ SLIP-FREE -Comes with a rubber bottom base that will not slip on carpet or other floor.

✔ LARGE CAPACITY - Designed with deep basin that can carry up to 50 ounces of water (1.5 liters) with ease.

Easy to Assemble


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